The Past is past.

I was sitting in my hot tub with my best friend and we were having a good old rant about the past.  Her and I have weathered many of life’s storms together. Breakups, severe injuries, cancer, the death of her partner, death of friends, just to name a few.

She had a great analogy. She said, ”You know? Everyone has stuff. You have this sack of stuff hanging on your shoulder, weighing you down. It has breakups, heartache, disappointments, false expectations, family feuds, loss of loved ones…life’s crap in it.  We all just need to put that sack down!“

All of us have a past. We all have lived and hopefully survived life’s inevitable challenges. Yet so many people seem to insist on dragging it all around, letting the sack get heavier and heavier. Some let it get so full that they cannot keep going. So they stop, in the middle of nowhere, unable to walk further without some sort of major change.

What if we put it on the ground, stretched our arms to the sky, and took a deep breath?

What if we opened the sack and took out each challenge piece by piece, and looked at it with a new perspective?

If we honored it for what it was, and gave thanks for how it shaped us?

Then left them all in a pile on the grass and walked away.

Think how light you would feel, how fluid would be your step.  How tall would you be without that weight upon your back?

Shake out that sack, let it ripple in the wind.

Tuck it in your back pocket and get dancing down the road of your future.

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