Furry Reminders

Life has so many defining moments. Those times where if we come out of ourselves and have a look from the outside, we can see poignant moments and crossroads that hang surreal before our eyes.

Many of us have gone through the passing of a furry family member. This was my first one that was all mine for 15.5 years. I really should say I was all hers.

My dog Tundra taught me so many things. With her passing I am left with so many fond memories but also a private emptiness in not only my heart but also my house.  I “feel” that she is no longer here.

It amazes me the beauty and depth of a silent relationship; the creation of a language between two beings that speak differently. The relationship of a dog with a human is a perfect example of what we Ontological coaches refer to as “Limbic Resonance”. This is defined as a concept of empathic harmony arising from the limbic system of the brain.

It is that unspoken “knowing”. Whether it’s walking into a room and knowing someone is angry, or knowing with certainty that your dog is not in the house.These are the non-visual rhythms we feel while in companionship with our furry friends.

In Ontological Coaching, (a focus on the study of being) Limbic Resonance is an interesting tool to hone within your toolbox as a coach. It is also a great instrument for clients to become more attuned to the world around them, and for communicating deeply.

Unfortunately in our busy world that we live in, so often we lose touch with our deep knowing. So many people get caught up in the treading water of our daily lives, that we forget to take time out of our day for a yoga class, meditation time, or a few clarifying breaths.

I love the words highlighted below, but please read the whole paragraph.

In The Wise Heart, Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield echoes the musical metaphor of the original definition of “limbic resonance” offered by authors Lewis, Amini and Lannon of A General Theory of Love, and correlates these findings of Western psychology with the tenets of Buddhism: “Each time we meet another human being and honor their dignity, we help those around us. Their hearts resonate with ours in exactly the same way the strings of an unplucked violin vibrate with the sounds of a violin played nearby. Western psychology has documented this phenomenon of ‘mood contagion’ or limbic resonance. If a person filled with panic or hatred walks into a room, we feel it immediately, and unless we are very mindful, that person’s negative state will begin to overtake our own. When a joyfully expressive person walks into a room, we can feel that state as well.

This centers on a lot of coaching I do. Coaching to bring you back to the centre of who you are and work out from there, rather than continually replacing band-aids on the surface. Deep healing and deep living, needs to come from a mind-full way of existing.

As my heart heals with the loss of Tundra, I know I can walk outside and feel her in the wind and see her on the mountaintops she so loved.Her passing marks a closing chapter in my life and the opening of a new one. Within the sadness and longing there is an underground excitement of the unknown future.

She reminds me every day to breathe deep and listen to the unspoken truths, to take time to quiet the mind, and be attuned to those around me for both work, and more meaningful living.

T and V

4 thoughts on “Furry Reminders

  1. Hi VV, Sorry to hear about Tundra. Like your blog! Have you read the book ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’? A student bought it for me… it’s about how to life your life, from the perspective of a dog. Highly recommend it! You will love it.

  2. I’ll never forget tundra, the First time i meet her it was when I just got to Canmore and I stayed at ur house for a month she used to sleep with me at the basement and after I left every time I visit you guys she was so happy to see me again, and I also was happy to see her and share time with her, I loved taking care of here every time u guys went out of town, she always wake me up on time before the alarm went off I remember her standing at the door and make her special sound rourrrrrrrrrr, hahahaha and wake me up, took her out for a pii and feed her and when got back from work take her out for a walk and have fun in the snow at the dog park, I remember when she ate all my sushi leaving no clue it was the perfect crime hahahaha, she always we on my heart and mind as u guys always be, looking forward to meet again some day I’ll love you always as my family. Love G

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