Change. Oh how inevitable it is. How we adapt to it, embrace it or deny it, is another story. I am just coming through yet another crazy learning curve in life, and as I come out the other side I am so thankful for my husband, friends, family, community, and my own knowledge that helped get me through.

My personal goal is to embrace change with grace, to flow with the tides, and try to see the wisdom in life’s lessons. But sometimes it is hard to do without outside support. Thankfully I see more and more new cultures emerging that aid in the process. Yoga, meditation, retreats, and lifestyle companies, just to name a few.

This is a direct reason why I wanted to build my company Stoke Your Fire. I have always been fascinated with the journey of life, it’s highs and lows, and extremes, and calms. I love to share in the wonder of it all, and support those who do not have other sources of support.

Recently I have been reconnecting with an old friend and mentor Tim Borys of Fresh!Fitness in Calgary. Back in the day he was my instructor for a bunch of fitness certifications and the first day we met, we knew we were cut of a similar cloth.  Shared humor, passion for health, fitness and life, but also with a realistic approach to balanced living. (Like when you really want a glass of wine or a burger…your going to have it and enjoy it!)

We are so happy to have reconnected our friendship, and have a vision to work together building retreats for exactly this.  To offer a getaway that you can treat yourself with the largest gift you can. TIME FOR YOU. Personal reflection, inward focus, treating your body to good food and exercise. Your mind: to personal attention of where you are today, and how to tackle the next chapter. To your spirit: Celebrating life and the craziness of it all. To offer support, tools and community.

Of course we want to take our retreat idea all over the world, but our intention is to begin locally since we live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  We are in the process of building a two day seminar that encompasses all of the above, in the amazing setting of Canmore Alberta.

We want to know your thoughts. Would you join in? What would you like to have covered? What is valuable to you? We have set up the page below so we can keep track of interested parties, but also cater to the needs of the people! Please take a look around at our pages, share with family or friends and ask yourself if it’s time.

Hugs and high fives,


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