What do your wings look like?

If I asked you what your wings looked like, what would you reply? You would most likely look at me oddly, but I think a thought will begin to form in the back of your mind, and curiosity will get the better of you.

I asked this to myself once. It was in that glorious trough between waves of lessons, that recovery time that can last for a month or preferably a few years. That time to breathe and reflect after one of life’s mega learning curves that has most likely left some scars or road rash to lick and ponder. You know what I’m talking about.

So during one of these glorious reprieves, a thought bubbled up in my mind. It was that feeling of personal strength and power, of coming through the storm, stretching the body and spirit, and my wings. It made me curious. I could feel them unfurling and stretching out from me, they felt strong and an extension of a private part of my character.

Over time I have asked friends, my entire family, and it is a favorite question I ask my hiking guiding clients around day 6 of a 7-day trip. I know they will respond with truth, and it is an interesting reflection of character.

I had a client from the states. He was a brilliant, retired and somewhat awkward molecular physicist, who used to work for the government. He would have glowered at me and walked away had I asked the first few days of our hiking trip. Yet on the last day, I asked the group and he was the first to blurt out, “ My wings look like the first airplanes the Wright brothers made! Medium size, leather and glue, rather rickety but one of the greatest inventions of the day.”  We all smiled and said “OF COURSE THEY ARE!”

The rest of the group came up with all different answers, and I was delighted to have a window into how they saw an extension of themselves.

My mother has dragonfly wings, my father and brother being thinkers and tinkers, both have airplane wings with rivets and all. My husband has big eagle wings.

After coming through another of life’s challenging times, as I smile in the breathing space, I realize my wings have slightly changed. Before they were massive pterodactyl wings, leathery, with pointy tips. They were iridescent blue fading into bright orange, covered with tribal tattoos. Yes go ahead and laugh, I’m ok with it.

They are still the pterodactyl frame, and texture but they have changed to the color of dawn. Deep midnight blue at the top, fading into bright turquoise along the lower quarter, with all the colors of the rainbow along the tiny edge underside. Within the midnight are still the tribal tattoos, but they fade to reveal the true colors of dawn.

What do your wings look like? What size are they, texture, and color? Have they changed with time or lessons?

Those who write me and tell me of their wings are eligible to have their name in a draw for 2 complimentary life coaching sessions, for themselves or to give to someone in need.

OR please just post! I am dying of curiosity!!!!


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