The Elusive Conscious Living Part 1

How do you start your day?

After coming off a vacation into the “real world” of fast paced Canadian living, I am once again trying to cling to the relaxed, centered calm of days on vacation. Time to smell the flowers or watch an achingly beautiful sunrise. To enjoy the sun glinting off snow, or appreciate ravens sharpening their beaks on a roof top; chatting in their myriad of squawks.

It’s an interesting thing to ponder: What you do when you wake up, effects the rest of your day.

Are you triple snoozing, jumping up, spilling your coffee, catching your coat on the door handle on the way out kind of person? Or that wake up early to try to cram in as many chores as possible before the kids wake up? Or the get up, and right into traffic where you end up in a yelling match with the unhearing driver in front of you? Are you numb because you are just so tired? We all certainly have days like these but are they a habit? Are they controllable? Or can we make a small shift to change our perception?

I caught my self slipping into a habit that was not working for me. Waking up, pouring a tea and getting on my computer. This for myself tends to plummet me very quickly into a world of fast paced technology and immediate stress of the world. In saying that, my choice of things to read could be changed from work emails to happy news or you tube baby animal videos.

When I got back from vacation and into a new apartment with all windows facing the sunrise, I found myself turning to the computer and longingly looking at the dawn. I laughed and closed my laptop. I have found, for myself, putting on some beautiful music, drinking my tea and watching the sunrise in all it’s glory, changes my approach to the day.

It gives me the calm of vacation, the smile on my face of appreciating the simple things. I ponder the different ways we can approach the world.  Many of you will say “but there is no time!”

Think about the spilt coffee scenario. What mood are you going to build on for that day? It’s logical that already you feel stressed, and disgruntled. When slow traffic, or a grumpy co-worker is going to add to that, you can clearly imagine how that will go.

You don’t have to be the dedicated yogi who drinks lemon water and has a plethora of morning rituals to achieve before getting out the door, but what is your small gift to yourself that you can afford to create? Anything that begins with a smile or a guilty pleasure that will add a positive spin to the beginning of your day, to begin with a lightness of mood.

It might be taking that extra 5 minutes to actually enjoy your coffee and flip through a magazine. Might be cuddling your pet and making a favorite breakfast. Anything that can bring awareness and a positive beginning can work wonders on pushing your day in the right direction.

I know when I do take the time, my day flows. I react differently, My mood is different therefore I communicate differently, and those around me react to that.

If you come into work all pissed off, and begin to communicate with others, what reaction will that spin off onto them?

The same thing happens when someone walks into a room and you know with all of your senses that they are angry or sad, or happy. Our brain processes a lot of information that we may not know we are receiving. It shows up in how they carry their body, the words they use, and in the choices they may make.  This is called Limbic Resonance, our mammalian adaptation where we become attuned to the inner states of those around us.

If we can learn in small ways to shift how we are communicating in our world we have an incredible power to live differently both in our own world but in our interactions with others.

This starts anew every morning with choice and the ones you make, including how you want to start your day and go out into your world. Can you do a couple things in the evening to make your start a little smoother like pre-making lunches or breakfast? Can you delegate some small tasks within your family, to create a bit more time? Can you draw a few new boundaries?

I invite you to take a look at your day to day beginnings and think of a few ways you could tweak your day to allow for some gratitude, awareness, and a smooth fresh sunrise.

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