A Reminder


It’s amazing to come back into your power after being broken.

After an injury, illness, divorce, whatever it may be that pinned you down, there will always come a moment that you will shake your head and realize that lesson is behind you. That you are clear, full, and back to being who you really are at that moment.

You may have some scars, some battle wounds, and you will never be the person you were, but the new and powerful you.

Be aware of that changing moment, that pause, that smirk, that happy dance.

For a lot of my friends, it might be a moment of clarity and joy, watching the sunrise over the mountain they are standing on, it might be mountain biking or skiing an epic line. Or surfing that glassy wave at sunrise.

For others its in meditation or yoga, or just plain and simple being able to walk to the park. It might be closing the biggest deal of your life at work.

It’s inevitable that in the future the hard lessons or life challenges will come again. If your in the hard times now, breathe, close your eyes and dream that beautiful moment to you. If your standing on top, shining with potential this is your reminder.

Open your eyes wide, look around and savour it. Celebrate this moment with every single way you know how.

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