A puppies tale.


A Puppies Tale.

After many years of travelling outside of Canada I was home and decided I really wanted a dog. I kept redefining what I was looking for, and after only a few weeks back on the continent, I woke from a dream with her name ringing in my mind. 4 days later she showed up in my life, given to me in a coffee shop. She was an amazing wee companion that was with me for 15.5 years. Her death was not a surprise and I was so happy she went quickly. But the aching hole it left in my heart even two years later amazed me.

I knew I wanted another furry friend, but I could not just go pick one out. Not after the way the last one came into my life. I believed once again that the right one would appear with time and place.

Living in two countries did not seem like a big enough reason to not have a hound, and what our last dog taught us was that they are resilient, adaptable, and conform to your life as long as you teach them early on.

I began to imagine my new friend, we thought about the attributes we would want, I ached for furry companionship, but it still did not appear.

Until a few days ago.

6 weeks before, my husband and I were at a surf spot hanging out in the parking lot – post session, when a cool Nica dog came up for a hello and some pats. The owner was the property caretaker, and we chatted about his furry beast, I told him how much I wanted a new pup. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and lead us around the corner and into his house where seven, 3 day old puppies wiggled in the dirt, and snuffled for their mother and siblings.

Two caught my eye. A brindle male, and a female with a stripe down her back flowing over to the tip of her tail. I got his number and said I would call him in 6 weeks to see if they were still alive or around. Life for animals in Nicaragua is complicated at the best of times.

A few weeks later EJ knew some friends were going to the same fishing village and asked them to take photos of the pups, and they came back gushing that they had picked out our hound.

”You have to get the one with the 4 white paws! She is the best and the only one you want!”

I did not get my hopes up, or attached to the idea yet as the weeks flowed by, yet a calendar in the back of my mind kept track of the passing of days, until one morning I awoke, and all I could think of was the puppies.

I did not know if they survived, if I would be allergic, if they would like the sea, or be healthy. How would we travel back and forth with it? Could we have it in our house rental? So many variables and all I could think of was today was the day our new companion would show up. I second guessed myself and tried to distract my brain from dogs but was restless and pacing, and getting emotional about it. Like all my cells were telling me we had to go look.

I mention this to my husband and was not sure how he was feeling about it all. He said I don’t want to just get a puppy cause they are cute; it has to be the right one. Then we open a thank you card left from his mom who had just visited from Canada, and my breath caught as I slid open the envelope. All on the front were puppies. I look at my husband and whisper, “It’s today.”

I call the caretaker Jose, and at first I think he says no more left. But then the line clears and I hear “ We have one left, a female, come if you want to see.”

I walk into my room and burst into tears. For the loss of my last, the yearning for another, and so many unknowns. I try to distract myself some more until my husband comes through the door and with a voice full of patience and inevitability, he asks, “ Well should we go have a look?”

On the half hour drive bumping through dusty dirt roads, I tell myself, if she is the one you will know. I convince myself we are going for tacos for lunch and maybe look at a puppy that is all.

We are lead in the front of the house, and there in the dirt curled up in a ball, is the pup with the stripe down her back, and with four white paws no less. I knew right away she had arrived in our life, but wondered how I would convince my husband that it was she.

We took her to the beach and with wobbly legs and a curious face she immediately followed along and most importantly was not afraid of the sea when we took her to the edge to wet her paws.

EJ turns to me with her tucked in the crook of his arm, “ Well, should we wrap this up?”

I look at him in shock “Really?”

He smiles at me and then at her and confesses, ” I had in my mind that if it was the one with the white paws she was ours, and here she is.”

I sob with joy and Jose just smiles as he watches us, already enamoured. When we asked how much for her he looked at us and replied, “She is a gift for you.”

Yes. Indeed she is. Welcome to our life Coco (Coconut)


3 thoughts on “A puppies tale.

  1. Wonderful Vanessa,
    It has been far too long since I’ve communicated with you, which I’m terribly sorry for and please forgive me. I don’t know if I ever expressed condolences over the loss of your first furry baby – again, so sorry. I’ve gone through that and the joy they bring us is matched by the pain when they leave us.
    But – COCO! What a delight she is. And your story of her birthday (there must be a big gold pawprint on the calendar or some kind of mark on your surboards commemorating the day she joined your family?) absolutely warms my heart and makes me emotional. I 100% am with you – our furry ones bring us love that is unmatched.
    If you come back to Canmore (not sure if you’re 100% in Nicaragua now?) I hope I see you out walking with her!

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