Drop your age and be a punk once in a while.


Recently I found myself drinking a beer with my husband and a friend, while on my bike, behind the Safeway. While I don’t recommend having excessive beers and biking without a helmet, I definitely advocate being a punk once in a while, have a cold one, drop your age, and do something that you used to do as a kid.

It was very satisfying to step out of the stress, responsibility, and pressure of being an adult, and just ride around breaking a few soft rules. It also probably has something to do with being back in Canada where there seem to be a lot more rules, than Nicaragua. There in our area, the general guideline is, have fun but don’t be a total idiot or someone’s going to step in. Think of Europe! People bike everywhere, enjoying cold pints, with a baguette in their back pocket no less.

As adults in this day and age we take ourselves way too seriously. We feel we have to act and dress a certain way, walk the walk, be the success, when really we just need to feel inspired, happy, and like we are living life. I will admit that we did make Megan change her shoes from leather heeled sandals to runners. At least she kept up some image drinking a gluten free beer to go with her Townie.

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