BC Postcard


After perusing the internet for information on a local hike, I found great directions to “The driest grasslands park in BC.” Elephant Hill Provincial Park.

Leaving my truck behind an electrical station and graffiti sprayed water tank, I re-read the directions of the trail on my I Phone. They are surprisingly good, and I make my way up a gravelly drainage that is achingly dry and full of cactus. My young dog picks her way around the clumps of spikes, as I listen for the telltale warning of a rattlesnake, that I do not wish her or myself to encounter.

A winding trail through scrub, leads me through a fallen part of barbed wire fence, climbing steeply to a summit peak revealing a 360 degree view of the area. With a warm wind and sun on my face, I feel so fortunate to have a curious spirit that takes me to so many random places on the planet.

Descending through tumbleweed and desert blooms, I imagine the rugged days gone by of the BC Gold Rush era. In my mind the classic western movie soundtrack plays from “The good the bad and the ugly” and a grin spreads across my face.



IMG_3722 IMG_3724

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