Stress, Gratitude and Perspective.



I just read a beautiful blog post called “ Saved by the invisibles” by Jonathan Carroll, posted on the Kindness blog. This was a great reminder to stop and be mindful as well as thankful of the gifts presented each and every moment of your day; an important practice while navigating this day and age of technology and stress.

Many of us whom are over stimulated by smart phones, internet and fast pace living, tend to forget to pencil in time, or practice the simple act of enjoying the moments. Tasting, smelling, looking around and being thankful, all the while keeping the perspective of what is worth our worry and stress, and what is NOT.

Stress consumes us in the first world. Money, jobs, family, commitments, you name it. I see people having road rage, bitching to co-workers or peers, or losing their cool over the most insignificant things. I too am occasionally caught on the verge of a negative moment, but have created a well worn practice that get’s me though most days.

This practice manifested from the days when my husband was fighting Cancer. He was an incredibly positive and calm patient. I showed up the same but behind the scenes was on the brink of a melt down.

It was one of those max out moments when you are deep in the fight and no end or beginning in sight. I don’t actually remember what was going on at the time, but the last straw was the milk exploding out of the fridge, all over me and onto the floor. Sounds like nothing, but many of us know, as the last straw, things can get ugly.

I stood there, looking at myself as if out of my body and awaiting the furious reaction, when I began to cuss and laugh. I was reminded of a movie called “The Great White.”

It stars Robin Williams and Holly Hunter. She plays a wife with Tourette syndrome, and has these amazing scenes where she just strikes off into a string of hilarious curses.

They came to me as I was about to freak out, and it made me laugh. Hard. And then I felt better and moved on. This eventually morphed into the “string of curses” followed by the question, “Is it life, death or cancer?” If the answer is no, laugh that shit off and move on. It’s so not worth worrying about, and consuming your time and making yourself sick. While I am not suggesting for everyone to go  around cussing, I offer the gentle reminder instead to keep stress in perspective.

All of us, if we live long enough, are presented with much greater challenges than someone cutting in line, or saying the wrong thing. Perspective is key, gratitude and attitude, a must. Practicing savoring the beauty unveiling itself in the small things – we could all work on.


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