Where is Home?




What does Home mean to you?

For some it’s a house, for others it is a sacred land that had been passed down through ancestors, or perhaps it is where your parents are.

Maybe home is the accumulation of hard earned possessions or a life someone has built for their children. A community, or the combination of all these things, rolled together into an idea.

For me, home is where my husband and dog are. Home is in the pieces of my heart that I have given to my family and friends scattered all over the planet and it is in a land that I have adopted, far from my country of birth. It is wherever I may carry it.

While having a very normal morning playing toss and tug of war with my dog on a walk in the woods, the moment was surreal as I paused and looked around, laughing and yelling, ”Where the hell am I?”

In less than two and a half weeks, I am in another country, town and life. It’s amazing what you can pull off in short periods of time.

This is our new life model, the manifestation of a dream in the making for more than eight years. It has morphed during the process as we realized key points that we did not know before and as life grows and changes so do we in our needs, desires and wisdom.

The new model is to take work all over the Canada and the US, with my husbands well paying job as a project manager. To work “hair straight back” as we call it, for a chunk of the year and then disappear into Nicaragua to live a quiet surfers life.

2015 was a gift of health and six months in the south, getting to know our southern community, healing from a three year off and on back flare up, and to surf our brains out.

Returning back to our mountain home after visiting family, we scraped together work that was plentiful when we left and somewhat meager on our return.

A wonderful summer and fall in the mountains left us happy in heart but not at the cash level we needed to return south and build on our land. True to form, another random phone call was to veer us in a new direction.

“ So how do you feel about Pennsylvania?”

My only answer was, “Can we go to Nicaragua after?”

“ Yup”

“ I’m in.”

This short conversation would lead to the hurricane of packing up our lives once again, ferreting away our possessions into a room within our house, and handing the keys to a property manager.

My husband had gone ahead to the job, and I was to follow with the dog, a few days later. Rental cars and hotel living with a canine companion is a new challenge yet completely doable in this day and age. We even crammed in a whirlwind trip to NYC over Christmas, found a house and moved once again.

After unpacking, grocery getting and renting another car for myself, we are finally breathing a sigh of relief. I can now lay on the floor with Coco at my side and get back to writing.

When in Canada I can work my many fun jobs wherever I may be, now in the USA I switch gears into more Coaching and Writing; careers I can take on the road.

Life on the run is exciting and blissful for me, but certainly not for everyone. The unknowns and the challenges are certainly there packaged in a plethora of different stresses, yet a slight shift of mindset makes adapting to the life of adventure a worthwhile one for us.

I feel fortunate to have my home in my heart, easy to carry and share with others. For this crazy life of ours would not be possible if it were any other way.

Tell me a story of where your home is, or your idea of it.

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