Rock your inner youth!


I don’t know about you, but as a 41 year old woman, I seem to be in denial that I am actually getting older. Until I look in the mirror in the right light and exclaim “What the #$@!%!, where did all those wrinkles come from?” Incidentally my father in his seventies also has the same shocking moments of wondering who the old guy in the mirror is.

I am in a smaller class of women that chose not to have kids, my number one passion is still surfing, and I am occasionally still seen ripping turns around our mountain neighborhood on my electric Skateboard while listening to Eminem.

While talking today to a “sister of the cloth”, meaning a great friend who is as much of a punk as me, I exclaimed the frustration of societies expectations for people at a certain age. While yes my husband and I are incredibly successful in our own hand crafted world, we still seem to be swimming against the tide of others following the accepted norm.

As people in our forties and above, we seem to have to behave a certain way, reach the bar of an accepted level of success, or be at a certain phase for us to “fit in” to a mold. This expectation piles on the ever-building weight of being an “Adult.”

How can we retain our weightlessness of youth?

Stop caring about what other’s think of you for one. I am reminded of my most valuable lesson fitting this topic. Be all that you are and the other black sheep will find you, before you know it you have a tribe of like minded people, that celebrate you and all your quirks.

My invitation to you today, is to ask what are the small stories you can let go of in your life that trap you in your age?

Can you shift a mindset here and there, to one of a child and play? To create a lightness of joy and simplicity, even for an hour a day? Are there things you gave up over the years that brought you such joy in your earlier years, and would you want to add them back into your life? Think of the shift of mindset or step of action that would allow more freedom to explore happiness, connection, and possibility.

7 thoughts on “Rock your inner youth!

  1. Interesting perspective!
    While our paths in life are a little different, I find it interesting when people are surprised how I haven’t “settled down/ in to a place”, have a career path “all figured out” and or a house bought. I am committed to my husband and kids 100% but who says you have to commit to a lifestyle, place, career, home etc? Love your perspectives keep posting!

  2. Hi – I have a son – 15 now – divorced from the father – and I married again when I was 45.
    That’s the first thing most people don’t do. I am some years older than Vanessa – but I’m still crazy.
    I ride a beautiful fast horse, though all my doctors said I should not ride at all, due to a bad accident. I can behave like 27 whenever I want, and thanks God – my experience and spirit is really old.
    Vanessa and I always said, when age gets us – we would keep on playing… And stay sexy.
    I bought a Harley last summer – 700 lb – me 100 – so glad to ride the big heavy load bike again.
    My body is good – training and biking is important. For my face I will get things strapped back where they used to be soon 🙂

    Beside that – I will never stop being crazy and playful – and I give a s… to what others say.
    Important is my husband- and he just knows that I will never be mainstream and things like Harley’s, crazy dress up parties midnight pool will always happen … Dreams like an tame owl are not crazy for him. Life is never boring with me …
    As long as we are authentic- we will be happy with ourselves… And we are responsible for ourselves…
    So keep on being who you are … No matter what ….

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