Hello! The REMINDER you may have needed today!

The Gea Vane laugh extravaganza


I want this to serve as a “gentle poke reminder,” or a “trip and fall on your face one.” Whatever has the most impact at this point.

A reminder to BE RELENTLESS, in creating the life you want.

About holding true to the ever-changing facets that are the self and to reassess always. To keep your finger on the pulse of you, your life, your relationships, your goals, and your people.

To forgive.

To allow.

To learn.

To celebrate.

To be curious.

In this day and age, so many people get caught in the massive sweeping tide of what is thought to be the right way, the family or communities way, the way it’s done. People trapped in the voluminous nets of others expectation, in a societies expectation of how to live well.

I read an article the other day asking, “If you could implement one thing in school for kids to learn, what would it be?”

Without a breath of hesitation, I thought, “Meditation, and self-exploration.”

Meditation can be anything from walking to listening to music or the purest form. Whatever! A time to focus inward and listen to the wisdom that bubbles up. Or time to just be.

For how are we to live well, solve our problems and make good decisions for our lives if we do not know who we are? To listen to that tiny voice inside, with each passing day, season and year. Through tragedy, heartbreak, love or success. Through all the challenges life will throw at you, if you have not been paying attention and listening deeply, how do you stay true to all that you are?

I wish you the path of joy, of deep and heartfelt living. Of celebration with each breath you take. A reminder that you create the life you live and no one else.

– Hugs, high fives, and finger guns blazing. Vanessa

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