A gift for you?


Finding a personal coach is like finding a hairdresser or massage therapist that rocks your world. It is an individual fit. I am certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but those that can appreciate whacky humor, a lively spirit, and shoot from the hip communication, might be a good match.

Well, I have a gift for two motivated individuals.

2020 has been quite a year so far.

I love the cartoon that is floating around the internet, of a group of people hiding behind a corner, and trying to use a broom to open the door to July.  What the heck will be next? What if you could use this time as a pivot point into the best year of your life?

Many people are experiencing deep personal change or upheaval in their lives. Perhaps you have realized it’s time to take a new direction, but are not sure where to start? Maybe it’s time to add more thought to leadership or how to shift your business to adapt to this blooming change of society? 

I have two spots available for bi-monthly coaching that I want to offer someone in need, that is seeking growth in personal, business, or relationship development. I want to offer these free of charge as a gift for up to 4 sessions. I know so many people are financially strained during this pandemic and it is my way to give back. The only catch is you have to be somewhat flexible with meeting times as I deal with severe chronic migraines, and get hit at random times. If you think you are ready to do the work, fire me an email and tell me what you are looking for. Not ready but know someone that is? Please share. For more about me or what the heck is life coaching – www.stokeyourfire.com

Please note: I am currently EST zone for booking sessions and most weekends away with limited cell service. I will get back to you as soon as I am in range 🙂

One thought on “A gift for you?

  1. Hi Vanessa…..

    You did a great job putting your info together……and so generously offering it to friends and referrals. YOU are definitely my cup of tea…..many times over!!

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